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Let us strive to keep the Church united and in liberty


Let us strive to keep the Church united and in liberty

Let us strive to keep the Church united and in liberty

Let us strive to keep the Church united and in liberty

The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of Truth, The Light of the World, was blessed to join the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia during his morning prayer, which he elevates to the Lord every day in favor of the people that God has given him. The Brethren who came were happy that the Lord allowed them to offer their prayers in spiritual unity with that of the Anointed one of God, knowing that the prayer of the Righteous reaches the Lord and is pleasant in HIS holy presence.

The choirs of the Church, both of  Beautiful Province and Bethel, were present praising and worshipping the Lord with their praises; the groups of children choirs showed their joy when they saw the Apostle of the Lord greeting them and wishing blessings upon them..

At the end of his prayer, the Servant of God addressed the group of ministers who accompanied him on this day and spoke to them about how the doctrine and essence of the Church continues through the years, unchanging, because it comes from God; unlike the laws of the world that change according to the desires of man, because they are imperfect they must change constantly.

He explained that when these laws restrict our freedom as citizens, in relation to the Church, we must not allow them to influence the knowledge of the doctrine for a healthy and fraternal coexistence with our brethren.

He expressed that in the Church we have been taught free will, and live according to it, because we respect each other’s decisions; He said that at this time the Church is free to exercise its rights as a religious organization, and we must strive to preserve that right.

He stressed that we must defend and fight rationally for the freedom we currently enjoy, since, in being good Christians and citizens, we can guarantee our capacity to exercise true religious freedom, and the Church ought to defend the values that have distinguished it for many years, values that are unchanging because of God’s teachings.

He said that it is very beautiful to see that the Church is united, supporting each other, just as is God’s teaching, different from the world, where people become estranged and separated, that is what the enemy wants. The Church of the Lord is united because it was not united by man, but by the Lord, and united for an eternal purpose.

The enemy does not rest, he explained, but neither does our Father, nor do we, united with the Lord we work every day.

He expressed that it is lovely to teach the Church that she is free to choose by free will that God has given us; The Lord has provided each of his children a miraculous spark of intelligence, in order to seek and defend our rights as free citizens, since we do not act as fanatics, but as reasonable and understanding people.

He said that in these times where people are distanced by political decisions, the children of God should be an example of good behavior in the exercise of their rights, and should not be influenced by anything or anyone, everyone has the right and sense to choose.

He stated that, as a religious organization, we must unite to preserve this right that we have maintained through the work that the Church has done throughout the world and for many years; we truly live in religious freedom.

“Together, because the Church deserves the best”

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