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Joyful families enjoying this Jubilee!


Joyful families enjoying this Jubilee!

Joyful families enjoying this Jubilee!

GUADALAJARA, Jal., Mex. May 6, 2019 (Berea International).— The spiritual Church of the Lord rejoices for this anniversary of the life of the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia. Thousands of souls from all around the world have traveled to the Beautiful Province, and the vast majority did not travel alone, their entire families have come.

Families are a support established by God, to encourage, advance, and fulfill the desires of God within HIS Church. Parents raise their children from a young age, instructing them to serve God. Children partake of the activities, studies, and apostolic projects, and also enjoy an environment of love, motivation and support for their futures.

The joy and gladness of every family is immeasurable in the Beautiful Province. Every year, more and more Brethren travel with their whole family, because the Lord has prepared blessings for HIS people, joy and gladness that all families partake in, young and old alike.

The great and incomparable blessing of God is for all: to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the life of HIS holy Apostle!

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