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In the Lord’s Church, there is only one thought


In the Lord’s Church, there is only one thought

In the Lord’s Church, there is only one thought

“In the Lord’s Church, there is only one thought, which is God’s; and that God, through His spirit, in His children, engenders this beautiful faith to obey one word. “
Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia.

Guadalajara, Mexico.
January 13, 2019

(Berea International)

The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth: The Light of the World in the neighborhood of Beautiful Province was blessed to hear the words of the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, at the end of Sunday School from the balcony of the apostolic house. 

All of the Brethren gathered inside the International Headquarters Temple, in the Central Roundabout, and in the streets adjacent to the temple, delighted in hearing the words of the Man that God has chosen.

The Apostle of Jesus Christ gave advice to the whole Church and pointed out the care that every Brother should take with their spiritual and material condition, since each Brother and Sister represents the temple of the Spirit of the Lord here on Earth.

In his counsel he said: “Even in our prosperity, we are also an example to the world, because they have a very good concept of each and every one of us. We know that in social or collective groups there are different mentalities, in the Lord’s Church there is only one thought, which is God’s; and that God, through his spirit, in his children, engenders this beautiful faith to obey one word.

“We have begun the year and I have encouraged doctors, nutritionists, health and physical education specialists of the Church to transmit the culture of healthy eating and exercise to all of us. Although it is true that we do not cling to this world, because we are pilgrims, the Lord lent us this body to be a temple of the Holy Spirit in the time that God allows us to live. So we will learn to take care of this temple just as we take care of the house of prayer, and by groups we maintain and clean it so that it may always look beautiful and so that when the Brothers come to worship God, it will be a worthy place where we can all serve God. 

“We all love our temple, because this is where we come together to praise God. How much more should we love this body, because while this house of prayer belongs to is, it is the place where we come together to worship God, but this temple belongs to God, where God truly comes to manifest Himself.”

The Apostle of the Lord spoke of the fact that in our culture and in the society where many of us grew up, we were not instructed in the culture of healthy eating and suffer from the consequent problems of being overweight. But he recommended that for the betterment of our health and to better serve God, we should all try to take care of our health by adapting a healthy lifestyle. 

The Servant of God stated: “Even in these human and material matters, we must be an example to the world.” He clarified that no one is being required to submit to a program of this nature by force. Instead the Brethren have been taught in the Church that they have freedom and conscience to decide for themselves and look for ways to improve their health if they decide to do so. 

He added: “Let us understand that this body is the vessel that God allows us to travel through this world and it is the temple of the Holy Spirit; and because it is holy it should be treated as such. I have instructed doctors and food and physical specialists to teach us. Even in these things, there must be instruction and knowledge so that we may not do it by our own ideas and harm our bodies.

We must change, even those who are older; because the most important result will be that the new generations will grow within this culture, have a better diet and understand that they do it, not because they want to look good, but to take care of this body that belongs to our God. Because He made it a most holy place, and because God comes to dwell in us.

Some will think that apostle Paul said that exercise is not profitable at all, but remember that they were living in other times and other circumstances, and situations that are very different from those of today. Today we are not persecuted. We are not small groups that hide in the houses of prayer. Today we are free, unlike the early Church.

Today society respects us. We have great and beautiful temples where we congregate, and today we can say that we are one in the human sense, and we are respected and admired by society. Apostle Samuel Joaquin encouraged us to excel in academics and even in the business world. So the circumstances we are living in are different from the times of Apostle Paul and today we have to live in times of freedom and respect. And even in the material sense, we will be admired by the world, and not as a collective, but as the Church of Christ, the Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth. Even in this we will know how to set an example in the name of the Lord.

Church of Guadalajara, how happy I have been with you these days! How beautiful it is to contemplate these headquarters, and that you are also the example for the whole church scattered throughout the world … God is with us; that being that fills us with life, love, blessings, prosperity. That being that moves us, and the form that He has given us is the best … the Church of the Lord does not move by different heads or ideologies or thoughts; here we follow only the will of God.

In a few days, your brother will start his tour throughout the Caribbean. I will be with you a few days and I bid farewell to this place by saying: Even if I leave, my spirit will stay with you so you can move forward, so that you may continue to serve the Lord and be an example to the world. And may God continue to fulfill his promises in you and in the entire Universal Church. God bless you! God prosper you! Keep marching forward, hosts of faith. God be with you!”

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