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In prosperous Tijuana, Apostle Naason calls to the spiritual fray


In prosperous Tijuana, Apostle Naason calls to the spiritual fray

In prosperous Tijuana, Apostle Naason calls to the spiritual fray

TIJUANA, Mex. April 17 2019. (Berea International).— In the Tres de Octubre suburb, close to the magnificent Houses of Prayer of the great and prosperous Church of the Lord in this urban city of Tijuana, the Most Excellent Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, recalled the courage, that in their time, the Servants of God, Aaron and Samuel, displayed to achieve this growth, for which he called the congregation to continue evangelizing, for the labor is not concluded.

Here in this city, which has several spacious Houses of Prayer, where thousands of souls have found salvation and walk in toward Eternal Life, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven stressed that he still hears the voices of thousands of souls that seek the Lord.

That is why he called them to join the spiritual battle to rescue souls, because even though the people of the Lord are vast, the promise that God made to him was specific: If they are numerous in your eyes, I will multiply them even more.

Brethren from the Genaro Vazquez, and Valle Dorado suburbs also came toTres de Octubre, and the Man of God recalled that more than 50 years have passed since the preaching of the truth began in Tijuana. At that time, some would not heed this word, but when the apostolic message entered their heart, the souls did not want Brother Aaron to leave the city.

Afterwards, he remembered, it was Brother Samuel who preached and visited in this city, and the blessing of God was spread. 
Then, he also recalled that God made a promise to him, that his People would multiply and he stressed that he firmly believes it; that is why he summoned the congregation to preach and bear witness to this Truth.

He cited the hymn that says: “if others have fought for the faith, no coward will I be” and mentioned Aaron and Samuel, courageous men who fought with valor, with dedication, at the cost of their own lives, together with valiant ministers who accompanied him and strived day after day for the love of all souls.

Tijuana is joyous. They were visited by the Great Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia and they are full of blessings.

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