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“I give thanks to God when I see the Church triumphant more everyday…”


“I give thanks to God when I see the Church triumphant more everyday…”

“I give thanks to God when I see the Church triumphant more everyday…”

“I give thanks to God when I see the Church triumphant, blissful, happy, content, glorious, growing more and more everyday…”


Berea International March 23, 2018. Guadalajara, Jalisco.


The blessing of the Lord was manifested this morning towards the the Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of Truth, The Light of the World in the brethren from the Hermosa Provincia community in this city. That in the early hours of this day, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia lifted his prayer of worship and thanksgiving before the Lord and placed in the hands of his friend the entire people that God has given him.


Today was distinct for all the brothers and ministers of the Church of God, because the Apostle of Jesus Christ invited all those present to accompany him in entering the international headquarters temple where he took his ministry.


In the counsel that he directed towards the Church of God, he spoke of the blessings of this 12th leg of his universal tour and how the happiness of the brothers in each place was manifested in testimony and in giving glory to God, so much that the means of communication in each place made known the conduct and organization of the church; just as the representatives of the different levels of government and civil society recognized and admired everything that the church of God does to have a better life in society.


The Apostle of Jesus Christ has the desire to present himself before the Church of God to thank God and pay his due for having allowed him to carry out the 12th leg of his Universal Tour and in his own words expressed, “ We recognize that if we leave and return well, it is because the hand of God was with us. He has taken care of us, he has kept us, he has freed us, and has permitted that in every one of my presentations, everything has gone well and has been for the glory of God…” He repeated that in every presentation that he carried out, there were thousands of visitors that joined the church with their opinions and in praising God, they gave testimony of the miracles that the Lord is performing with their lives.


He invited the church to join him in singing the song of praise “How could I repay you, my Lord and God…” and he mentioned that he had the desire to go before the church and give thanks to God for all the blessings that He granted him on this leg of his tour. He said that in this song, we see the gratitude toward the Lord for all His kindness, that even though there is sometimes need in the brothers, poverty, illness, situations that bring sadness, but the children of God know they are not alone, there is a hope and transcends and goes beyond the daily problems in life.             


The Apostle of Jesus Christ made mention that he knew, both in the ministers and the brothers that accompanied him in these early hours of the day, their purpose was to greet him and to have the blessing of joining him in lifting up his morning prayer. When the song finished, he asked the choir of the church to sing the song “Thank you God who gives me life…” in reference to him wanting to give thanks to the Lord for having brought him back from this leg of his tour, for having kept him and the ministers that accompanied him and for granting him great triumphs that glorify his name in many regions.


When he finished his prayer, he said goodbye to the church and said, “God pay you for continuing to raise your fist and holding it high. I am here because of your prayers…” The Apostle of Jesus Christ made his way towards the Apostolic house where he stayed a moment with the ministers that accompanied him on his tour and he inquired about the brothers from the churches where he sent them to give words of teaching for his people. Each one of the ministers gave testimony of the happiness of the brothers and those who make up the batallions in every one of the communities or regions where the Gospel of the Lord is preached. They said that in each place the sent salutations and words of blessings and gratitude for his visit.


Soon more information from the Apostolic Chronicles Unit

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