Houston, Texas gets ready for Regional Baptismal Ceremony

by Berea Staff, AO

Houston, Texas. May 25, 2019. (Berea Texas).— The preparations have begun, and the people of God move as one unit in love, peace, and obedience. As the Apostle of God Naasón Joaquín García has stated, it is time to take the word of God and preach it in the roundabouts, plazas, parks and piers.

The setting is Discovery Green, nestled in the heart of Downtown Houston, Texas. In the midst of the busy city traffic and the many visitors, members of the Light of the World Church (TLOTW) are preparing for tomorrow’s magna spiritual event, the Regional Baptismal Ceremony. Spectators stop in curiosity and in admiration to listen to the choir as they practice for tomorrow’s spiritual feast. There are numerous brothers from the various churches of the region setting up tents, building the stage for the ministry and conducting sound checks. Their actions serve as a living testimony for those passerbyer and allows for a Segway to begin conversations with them.

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