Discovery Green Welcomes the Baptismal Ceremony

by Berea Staff, AO

Houston, Metropolitan May 26, 2019. (Berea Texas).—

From early hours of the day the brothers began arriving to Discovery Green, located in Downtown Houston to finish the last details of the great festivities that are to begin shortly.

The Baptisms in the Light of the World Church.

Baptisms are officiated in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness and remission of all sins.

All churches from around the Houston Metropolitan are are present. This includes Bellaire, Canal, Central, Champions, Freeport, Nacadoches, Port Arthur, Rosenberg, and West Belfort.

We are expecting the arrival of approximately 2,500 guest to our event.

In fulfillment to the promise that God made to his Apostle regarding the growth of the people of God “If today you see this church great I will multiply it , that your reason and your mind cannot imagine how it will grow”

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