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Bethel community received the blessing of God this morning


Bethel community received the blessing of God this morning

Bethel community received the blessing of God this morning

Bethel community received the blessing of God this morning

GUADALAJARA, Jal. Mex. January 08, 2019 (Berea International).- The Church of the Living God, Pillar, and Ground of the Truth, The Light of the World in the Bethel suburb of Guadalajara, joined Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia for the prayer of thanksgiving and worship he offered in the early morning.

The spiritual and tangible joy of all the Brethren who were present to give thanks to God for all HIS kindness and mercy, granted every day, was further rewarded by the presence of the Anointed of God in the temple, distinguished by the work and love of the Apostle of Jesus Christ for his children [in faith] in this community.

Upon concluding his prayer, the Servant of God spoke with the group of Ministers that joined him during his prayer and spoke to them about the importance of speaking of the principles and values that distinguish the children of God. He mentioned that they should speak on topics about the works that distinguish the Church, for they are done according to the will of God. Topics such as offerings, tithing, works that please the Lord, and about things that do not please God. To teach the children and adolescents to serve God, to feel proud of them having been born in the Church of the Lord and be a part of the holy seed of God; teach them to be thankful with all that He gives them by His mercy. He stressed that the Children of God are the ones who truly enjoy the world because they recognize the perfect work of the Lord and know how to discern what is agreeable to Him and what is displeasing.

The Apostle of the Lord underlined that, when a child or adolescent is not instructed in comprehension and reason of the things of God, then their path in the Church becomes tradition because faith is born of understanding and knowledge which is given by God borne from hearing his holy word. He said that the world has confused the act of having faith in God and fanaticism, they may seem like the same thing [to the world], but they are not. Fanatics act not knowing what they do, or why; but one who possesses God’s faith, knows and understands what they are doing.

He said that in the Church of God, the youth are prepared to know what life in HIM is, and are also told of death, of persecution; all through knowledge based on the wholesome doctrine of the Lord. Every youth knows how to distinguish what God wants of them, and how He wants to be served. That is why God’s zeal is in their hearts, not the zeal of men which are earthly and of the flesh, but the zeal that is borne of faith.

The Man of God expressed that it is lovely when the minister reviews the teachings and the doctrine, because all these things require consecration and preparation before God. He commented that in August, during the celebration of the Holy Supper, there are some that visit us to learn the topics that are spoken in the Church of the Lord and seek to deliver these counsels to their own congregations, for they are not of God. They lack the guidance of the Election, they are not instructed by a man chosen by God. He advised that they study the teachings every day, for they have the understanding of God, and the instruction of the true doctrine revealed by the Lord through His anointed.

The Apostle of Jesus Christ spoke of the conduct of a minister overseeing a Church, he must be exemplary in order to do all things according to the will of God, after the order He has established. He must convey the teachings and speak of the principles and values [of the Church] to the children and youth of the Church and practice them. He stressed that these principles and values must begin in each Christian home. He said that children learn more from what they see in adults than from what they hear; that is why it is important to be an example to them. He expressed that he wishes that this message reach all the Churches of the Metropolitan Area [of Guadalajara] and to the Universal Church scattered across the world.
To part, the Servant of God said that teaching the People of the Lord will never end, it must be remembered every day for the glory of God, and for the instruction of His people, stressing that “books do not lead, the Spirit of God does.”

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