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“Beautiful things await for us”


“Beautiful things await for us”

“Beautiful things await for us”

Beautiful things await for us’ announced the Apostle of the Lord in Berea El Salvador

San Salvador, El Salvador. September 8, 2018.
(Berea International). “What a beautiful story awaits us! There are still very beautiful things that are going to be written about us in this work!”, announced The Most Excellent Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia to the Church of the Lord, in the presence of the brethren of Berea El Salvador on Saturday afternoon, who showed him a magnificent center of transmissions. It was there that he detailed his communication project of the Light of the World for the year 2019.

This effort includes an international 24/7 televised broadcasting project from 5 different regions: In the United States: California, Texas -which has just been created-, Baltimore -in construction-, New York -in preparation; as well as in Mexico, in El Salvador and he even extended its invitation to join efforts with the brethren of Costa Rica who already have a large and equipped operations center.

This is part of the great task of Evangelization that in this New Era, The Lord, His Apostle, his ministers and his people, have carried out in perfect unity. Berea International, is part of it.

“It is a great pride for me to come and meet thee, and to know that you have been working for a long time, searching through the media, as the Apostle Samuel prophesied, that it is the future of the evangelization of the Church”, The Anointed One of God, Naason Joaquin, narrated to this effortful team of brothers of the Republic of El Salvador.

After receiving a beautiful and heartfelt welcome by the brothers of Berea El Salvador, who gifted him an office , and a large operations center, with equipment and dozens of collaborators, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven invited them to merge in this international communication effort, although he authorized and encouraged them to develop national efforts, such as have already been done to this day. The Man of God congratulated them saying, “How beautiful it is that we all join in one same project, which is the project of the Church.”.

Finally, in this great spiritual feast that is lived in the Republic of El Salvador for this current apostolic visit, the brethren expressed their fidelity and loyalty until their last breath. “Ye have not just said it; you have shown it to me with works, that is why I am happy. The Lord said, ‘A kingdom divided does not prevail, for it is ready to disappear.’ But as long as we maintain unity, there is no one or nothing that will separate us, there is no one with the strength to face us because God wants us united, working for the same cause, which is HIS. So God will pay you for joining this project! God pay you for being a part of Me! Very beautiful things await us!

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