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Beautiful Province joins Apostle of Jesus Christ during his morning prayer


Beautiful Province joins Apostle of Jesus Christ during his morning prayer

Beautiful Province joins Apostle of Jesus Christ during his morning prayer

Beautiful Province joins Apostle of Jesus Christ during his morning prayer 

GUADALAJARA, Mex. January 14, 2019. (Berea International).— The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, the Light of the World in Beautiful Province suburb of Guadalajara has been blessed on this day with the prayer of thanksgiving and worship that Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia has offered unto God in the early hours of the day. The happiness and joy of all the Brethren who come to seek the blessing of the Lord, and of the choirs who accompany the prayers of the people of God is ever more manifest when the Anointed of God lifts his arms and asks his Friend in favor of all the Universal Church, that the Lord favor all their pleas.

When he concluded his prayer, the Apostle of Jesus Christ spoke to the group of ministers that joined him on this day and spoke to the about the importance of living in the love of God. He said that while he was praying, he remembered the adulterous woman who was accused before the Lord, and thought about the people of God, how some of them seek the face of the Lord because they acknowledge that they have offended HIM, The Brother and Sister approach wit their heads bowed down, because their heart bears an offense before the Lord; sometimes they do not understand that upon arriving in this place, they are before a God that will not pass judgment upon them, because HE is a true, loving, and merciful God. It is enough for the heart to repent and bring a firm desire of change; in this moment the Lord forgets all his offense.

The Apostle of the Lord explained that God is not an enabler, but a merciful and just God: the existence of humanity is the greatest proof of the love of God, and HIS Church is the first proof of HIS mercy and love. An enabler judges his neighbor and seeks refuge in it, which is why God shows mercy and love; because we are HIS children, nothing more. He said that the children of God seek HIM in the morning hoping to find love, mercy, and kindness, but God does not bear the same thoughts of the Brother or Sister, and if HE sees a repenting heart, he forgets all.

The Servant of God taught that god is not an enabler, but a Father. He was not a wicked God when he rejected Israel, on the contrary, Israel did not learn to take advantage of the kind and loving god; that is why the Church of the Lord has had a beautiful inheritance from God, and we can say: The lines are fallen unto us in pleasant places. The immense love of God has saved us from the bondage of the world, and to live a slave of God is to live in love, kindness and mercy. He expressed that today we are not living in the same conditions of twenty years ago, because day by day, the Church is growing more and more, in all aspects. It may seem incomprehensible to human reason, but being slaves to God we are free.

The Man of God stressed that we are no longer slaves under imposition, but slaves of God, because we desire it, we seek at least one moment of the day to come to the temple and approach God with recognition and love, never complaining, but accepting HIS will with love. He explained that when Brethren come to the temple to seek the Lord and express their necessities, the first thing God does is to provide consolation, and when their need is answered, the Brother or Sister come to the temple to extol HIM.

The Apostle of Jesus Christ explained that being slaves of the Lord is not a burden, he said that if the world knew what it means to be a slave of God, everything would be different in their lives, but the world misunderstands it. He said that he came to God every morning because he saw the faith of the Church in calling upon the true God, who heals the souls, and he rejoiced in seeing this; that is why it is beautiful to instruct the people of God. He said it is a privilege and an exclusivity to serve God, because the world seeks HIM but cannot find HIM, but HE is always present for HIS people, at all times. The Lord engendered us, lives within us, and that is why the Church of God is edified by this truth, we are privileged, unique, and blessed nation; we must always value these things, he said.

He also said that God allowed for the sketch of the people of Israel for our teaching, we must teach the battalions that where faith is born, there are works, and where there are works there is faith. He said that the Church grows through work, this is the instruction established by the Lord, there is no luck involved, there must be work. He expressed that God would bless all that would be done, but there would not be blessing without labor. He clarified that there is growth, but we must continue working, once the seed is sowed, it must be watered thereafter.

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