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Appearance of the Apostle of Jesus Christ.


Appearance of the Apostle of Jesus Christ.

GUADALAJARA, Mex. May 7, 2017( Berea International)— The Church held a grand celebration on this day during Sunday’s ceremony, after the Honorable Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia joined the Brethren who had gathered to praise God and hear his counsel.

He thanked everyone who made the effort to join him on the day of his birth, for their gestures of honor and recognition, saying, “I want to spill all my gratitude: Not unto us, oh, Lord, not unto us, but to thy name be all honor, glory and praise,” paraphrasing Psalm 115.

Apostle Naason invited the Church to hear a word of counsel, wherein he stressed, saying, “I do not want the Church to develop a fanatic sense, meaning that they would believe the things they don’t understand, or what they cannot discern. I want the Church to have the understanding of the doctrine of God.

He invited the congregation to read Romans 9:11.
Finally he kneeled to give thanks to God for another year of life that HE has allowed him.


“Together, because the Church deserves the best”

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