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Apostolic Prayer in Beautiful Province


Apostolic Prayer in Beautiful Province

Apostolic Prayer in Beautiful Province

GUADALAJARA, Jal. Mexico. December 12, 2018. 
(Berea International) – “I can freely say and with all the certainty, ‘I am the child of Aaron Joaquin! I am the child of Samuel Joaquin!’ And now you can say, ‘I am the child of Naason Joaquin!'” 
A morning of blessing and spiritual joy was lived in Beautiful Province, Guadalajara, when the Apostle of God Naason Joaquin Garcia went to the main temple of the Church the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, the Light of The World at the break of dawn. He went there to elevate a prayer of thanksgiving to God and to speak to the Universal Church on this day of remembrance.

The Apostle of Jesus Christ expressed, “I can say that God counted me faithful putting me in this ministry. God that did not forget me, that covered me, lifted me; that if I would have been born a thousand years ago, I wouldn’t have been part of this blessing and would not have enjoyed these blessings. But I give thanks to God, because it is not the land, it is not the place, it is not the time, but as the Lord said: ‘I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I soccoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.’ I celebrate with God this grace!…”

The Apostle of Jesus Christ remembered that 12th of December of 1926: the arrival of brother Aaron to San Martin de las Flores, a municipality close to the city of Guadalajara, as he heard the commotion of the people for the celebration of that very moment. A celebration, that is ongoing to this day, where an image has been revered or centuries. He mentioned how the powerful kingdoms of old, with the desire of conquering other kingdoms, have forced their way of life and beliefs upon them. Making them also believe that a certain territory or construction is the only place where they can communicate with their gods, and thus giving those places an importance that has been cause of war within humanity.

The man of God said, “Do you know where to find God? In the child who is bowing his knees to pray before going to bed. In the elderly Brother or Sister who bow their knees to bless the work of God… That is where your God is. Not in that particular temple or that particular city, because you are the true temple of God… The Church of the Lord, the true cornerstone, is each and every one of us… The Children of God, the children of faith, do not reduce themselves to a particular place. Christ has taught us that we are the true saints of our God… because the Lord has justified, sanctified, and cleansed us. And wherever we are, there we can say is holy land; the joy of all the earth…

“Today I come to remember the day that God, in this city of Guadalajara, established his Church. Having told Apostle Aaron Joaquin that here, in this city, there was a great people, and began this beautiful story. God crowned brother Aaron, his work and his labor… The Church and the Ministerial Corps have comprehended this beautiful doctrine… There is someone who does see us, who takes care of us, who has covered us in this grace and who has been calling us to this liberty. Some in the time of Brother Aaron. Others in the time of Brother Samuel; and until this day, He continues to call us through your Brother Naason, that is, our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Today, December 12, I want to worship his name for all the favors, for all the blessings, for all the grace that I have received from God and our Lord Jesus Christ. For all these things I want to say: Thanks to you my Lord! Those who understand this doctrine, join me in giving thanks, in giving the honor, praise and worship to the one who lives and reigns forever. The one who allowed us to live in time accepted and in day of salvation.

“In this time the Lord came to look for me and gave me this blessing. that is why I come today, grateful to God for having covered me in his grace. The remembrance of a great Apostle named Aaron Joaquin. Of another great Apostle named Samuel Joaquin. We will remember them in our works, in their example, in their teaching, in their words, and by living in the beautiful counsel they gave to us. That is the best way to remember them, because that is the was Christ has taught me to remember the ones we have loved.

“I can say with all liberty and certainty, ‘I am the child of Aaron Joaquin! I am the child of Samuel Joaquin!’ And now you can say, ‘I am the child of Naason Joaquin!’ A day like this day, 92 years ago, this beautiful story began: The Restoration of the Early Christian Church.

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