Apostolic greeting to the church of the Beautiful Province January 21,2018

by Berea Staff, JG

Apostolic greeting to the church of the Beautiful Province.

“You are part of this history, you are part of this work, you are part of God’s book of life…”.

Apostle of Jesus Christ Naasón Joaquín García
January 21, 2018 Guadalajara, Jal.

The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of Truth: The Light of the World in the  suburb of Beautiful Province, had the beautiful blessing to hear a greeting and counsel from the Apostle of Jesus Christ Naasón Joaquín García, after the Sunday School that was under the responsibility of P. E. Nicolás Gómez.

The Apostle of the Lord addressed all the brothers gathered in the Central Roundabout and the streets surrounding the international headquarters temple and said: How beautiful it is to see the blessing that God has given to his people and his Church throughout the world, and here in Beautiful Province! I heard that you will have festivities next Sunday.

You are part of this story, you are part of this work, you are part of God’s book of life and in this I rejoice greatly, because not only where your brother is do I see the growth, but even here in Guadalajara, in the surrounding communities and here in Beautiful Province. God keeps fulfilling his promise that He is with us.

He expresses his concern for the churches in Central America for various delicate situations they are going through and recalls the words of praise: “life is like a ship that sails in the night …”. He remembered the Lord Jesus Christ when he was in the boat (Matthew 8: 23-27) and at that time he taught that we should have all confidence in Him at all times, in all circumstances and in all situations. He said that the Lord is our only hope, the basis of our trust, the basis of believing that He is always with us in different ways he always accompanies us.

The Apostle of the Lord said: “Even in the most difficult moments, when we believe that death is still around us; The confidence of the true Christian is always in the hands of the Lord … From here I send a message to the brothers of Central America who are going through this situation, “If the Lord wants to send you trails, have confidence”. Man can say we are going to do this or that, but I tell them, “If they touch the people of God, it will be a horrible thing for them to fall into the hands of a living God.”

If the results are negative, we should receive it for good and for an example, but always trusting in Him. If God allows it, they will do it and if not He will take care of it. Your brother will say to the Lord, “I do not want evil for anyone, I do not want men to do evil to your people and let your vengeance be against them with great fury, better yet make them understand in their heart … Lord, protect your people, take care of your Church.

We do no harm to anyone, we live in peace with everyone, we live in obedience to the laws of the world and we know how to respect … When we need to, we cry to the one who told us: “Cry out to me in the day of your anguish and I will answer you!” …
We will tell the King of Kings: Take care of your people, take care of your Church. My arms will be elevated for God to protect them … God is a zealous God, who cares, who protects, the most precious thing that He has, and it is His Church, which is the apple of his eyes, his beloved children. May God protect our brothers … “

The Apostle of the Lord encourages the entire Church to prepare for the great spiritual feast that they will have this week, the baptisms and revivals that will take place. He tells the brothers to value this grace, the beautiful blessing that God has given to receive God in the heart. He tells the brothers that are going to ask for the Holy Spirit that his prayer will be before the Lord every day and expresses: “Wherever I am, at that exact time, I will bend my knees and I will say to the Lord, “Your children are beginning to cry out, be with them, bless them and pour your blessing onto them so that they may see who they can trust.

The Apostle of the Lord says farewell and announces to the Lord’s people that he will leave for the state of Veracruz where he will visit various churches. He invites the whole Church to accompany him to sing the praise, “Life is like a ship that sails in the night”; and said: “Whom holds the helm of this beautiful ship is our Lord Jesus Christ … The enemy may be able to harm us, but our faith will not be lost … This time the Lord will not say, “Men of little faith,” but he will feel proud of seeing his children accept his will.

We will say to the Lord, Whether in life or in death we will always love you, we will always be faithful to you, we will always accept your holy and blessed will. If it were possible Lord, save us from suffering, but let it not be our will, do as you wish … With God we don’t lose … This Church knows how to live in scarcity, knows how to live in sickness and health, knows how to live in prosperity and poverty; because Christ has taught us … Our Trust and our faith are placed in Him so that he may do His holy and blessed will.

God bless you Beautiful Province and may you continue to prosper, and continue to be part of this beautiful story of the promises of our God! … Church of the Living God scattered throughout the world, God bless you and continue to prosper you! The peace of God be with you!”

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