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2nd Educational Conference in Amarillo, Texas


2nd Educational Conference in Amarillo, Texas

2nd Educational Conference in Amarillo, Texas

AMARILLO, Tx. January 19, 2019. (Berea Texas).— The Light of the World Church of Amarillo, in direct collaboration with the Association of Professionals and Students (APS), hosted the Second Educational Conference on Saturday. An all-day event that provided several workshops on various. The Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio Chapters of APS staffed the presenters for each workshop. Workshops were divided into three different halls, one for children, one for youth, and the other for parents.

The children were given motivational and self-improvement workshops, encouraging children to lead a more active lifestyle, to play and do sports, and to eat healthier alternatives to candies and fast food. The youth and parents were given information regarding diabetes and its risks, but with a relevant focus for their respective environments. Parents were given information on how to address prevention and management of diabetes in children. 
After lunch, parents were given a citizenship workshop instructing them on the steps to becoming American citizens, the youth were encouraged to become more civically engaged. Both aimed at showing participants important ways to contribute to the fabric of their respective communities.

To conclude the event, Mrs. Maury Roman-Jordan, anchor of the 10 o’clock edition of Telemundo Amarillo news. was the guest speaker who delivered the closing statements. In her words she recognized the organization’s power of convocation and the organization of our communities, acknowledging that these qualities have been a product of the leadership and teachings of Apostle Naason Joaquin Garcia.

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